TAB 2019

TAB 2022 Curatorial Competition

Estonian Centre for Architecture announces the curatorial competition for the 6th international Tallinn Architecture Biennale (TAB) 2022. TAB is an international architecture festival which addresses relevant issues in architecture and delves into the present and the future of the field. TAB is intended for both experienced and young architects as well as members of the general public interested in architecture. The aim of the TAB 2022 curatorial competition is to find an innovative and responsive theme related to the context of Estonia and relevant in the contemporary world of architecture.

DEADLINE: 4 pm on 29 MAY 2020 Estonian time +2GMT.
TAB Curatorial Competition brief  can be downloaded from HERE.

On the 9th of April at 3 PM CET (4 PM Estonian time) the Estonian Centre for Architecture held an online public briefing for TAB 2022. The event was streamed online and is now rewatchable HERE.

TAB 2022 public briefing introduced the biennale as a festival, its background and plans for 2022 in general. It also overlooked the terms and conditions of the competition.

Raul Järg, Head of Estonian Centre for Architecture
Veronika Valk- Siska, Advisor for Design and Architecture, Estonian Ministry of Culture
Yael Reisner, architect and TAB 2019 Head Curator
Maria Kristiin Peterson, TAB Producer

The general goals of TAB are:

  • popularising a quality built environment;
  • internationalising Estonian architecture – offering an international platform forarchitecture;
  • presenting new ways of thinking and creating a new vision in architecture.

TAB 2022 will take place from September to November and will consist of a main programme led by the head curator and a satellite programme led by co-curators. The TAB 2022 Curatorial Competition aims to find the best theme and head curator (or head curatorial team) for the 6th biennale. 

TAB 2019 “Beauty Matters” was curated by Dr Yael Reisner . The biennale focused on the subject of how beauty matters again, reflecting on a cultural shift, after nearly eighty years of dormancy, as beauty was a tabooed, denigrated subject. TAB 2017 titled “bioTallinn”, curated by Claudia Pasquero (ecoLogicStudio), challenged the typical assumptions of what constitutes the boundaries between the natural and artificial realms. TAB 2015 “Self-Driven City”, curated by Marten Kaevats, explored the future cities with self-driven cars and TAB 2013 “Recycling Socialism”, curated by Aet Ader, Kadri Klementi, Karin Tõugu, Kaidi Õis, redefined the Soviet-era urban environment in Tallinn.